Essay On Reverse Speech

By Kathy J. Jeffries

Reverse Speech is a newly developed technique that reveals a persons true thoughts, feelings and emotions. Since man began speaking, he has communicated both forwards and in reverse. While man consciously speaks forwards, his unconscious is speaking backwards at the same time. The unconscious mind is automatically forming Reverse Speech, which indicates a dual speech process.

The Reverse Speech of a person indicates their subconscious or unconscious thoughts. The Reverse Speech of a person indicates truthful responses or thoughts. The subconscious cannot lie. These thoughts can be on a conscious level, contradicting or confirming the forward speech. This would be the first level of Reverse Speech. The second level of Reverse Speech reveal a persons personality make-up, emotions and thoughts that are not on a conscious level. These reversals use metaphors to communicate the messages from our unconscious mind. The third level of Reverse Speech indicates emotions and feelings from within our deep self. Third level reversals use archetypes as well as metaphors to describe ones’ innermost beliefs. As third level reversals come from the very core of ones’ being, they are very powerful in their meaning.

It has been discovered that children begin speaking in reverse before they learn to speak forwards. This indicates that forwards speech is learned in order to protect ourselves from those who would use our true feelings against us. As children are born without inhibitions, it is only logical that they would learn to speak from the unconscious first, then learn to speak forwards to keep their thoughts and feelings from being known, like a built in defense mechanism.

A child’s Reverse Speech progresses much like their forward speech development. Children begin speaking in reverse at about four months of age, using only one word reversals. As they grow older they begin to put more words together and by the time they are eighteen months old, they begin using metaphors. The metaphors children begin using are handed down to them from thelr parents. By the age of two years, the child’s reversals are very complex, the personality and future behavioral patterns are being formed.

Learning Reverse Speech is similar to learning a new language. The unconscious mind does not use all the colorful and detailed language that we learn to use in speaking forwards. Reverse Speech is very direct and to the point. Metaphors are quite commonly used in reverse. Metaphors describe a feeling, a situation or a behavioral pattern in a person. Many metaphors are common to all people (universal), while people also form metaphors that are representative of their individual self.

Archetypes are similar to metaphors except they indicate a deeper and stronger feeling or belief. Archetypes can be identified by their religious and mythological references. They are handed down through many generations, which explains why so many of the archetypal words are representative of ages many centuries ago.

The oral tradition theory of reverse speech explains how these archetypes and metaphors are passed along to one another, even over centuries of time. This theory states that through the process of reverse speech, people are continuously communicating on an unconscious level. These unconscious communications hand down metaphors and archetypes from generation to generation unknowingly of the conscious level. Carl Jung’s theory of the Collective Unconsclous states that the unconscious mind contains the entire spiritual and cultural heritage of humanity’s development, or more simply stated contains a universal knowledge known to all men on an unconscious level. So through the process of Reverse Speech, we are constantly communicating information passed down through our ancestors, as well as information passed along through our acquaintances, friends, relatives and from ourselves.

The information handed down throughout time is stored in our unconscious and becomes part of our everyday reversed speech. Unconscious knowledge is constantly passed along to others. Cases have been documented where there was no way someone could know a fact on a conscious level, but they did communicate it through Reverse Speech, on an unconscious level.

The newly discovered technique of detecting speech reversals will have a very profound effect on society as we know it today.

Locating and analyzing the reverse speech of a person can help to discover why a person has certain behavior patterns. In the field of psychology, it could possibly take years of therapy to discover why a person intentionally does things that have a negative effect on their life. With a few reverse speech sessions, you could locate the source of the problem, and then the change process could begin to take place, literally saving months or even years of psychotherapy. You would be able to locate circumstances that caused problems from early childhood or from a more recent situation.

This amazing discovery can be extremely beneficial to children. A child will often have a problem, but will not have any idea how to express it. They may not even recognize that there is a problem. Through Reverse Speech, one could locate behavior problems very early in a child’s life. Correcting these problems early on, the child can avoid destructive tendencies as it grows up. You could help a child build his self esteem, deal with everyday problems, and help with the more serious problems such as child abuse or molestation. I see reverse speech as an indispensable tool to help prevent teenage suicide, which seems to be so rampant in our times. I believe that through the reverse speech process child psychologists can learn how to help children if their parents become divorced. At the present time not enough is known about a child’s feelings to help them through a difficult time.

Since one’s Reverse Speech is truthful, detecting these reversals on suspected criminals could be a major breakthrough in law enforcement. It would probably take ten years for this technology to be accepted into evidence in a court of law, having to go through the Supreme Court for a final decision. In the interim, Reverse Speech can be used to help find hard evidence that law enforcement agencies could use to prosecute with. On the other side, Reverse Speech may help to convince police if a suspect is really innocent. Once reverse Speech goes public, I am sure there will be many lawsuits to determine if the police departments can use Reverse Speech on a suspect, or if it is an invasion of their privacy.

Politicians and other public figures will probably be the ones most effected by Reverse Speech. They may eventualiy resort to press releases instead of public speeches if they intend to hide their true feelings on sensitive issues. If you think politicians have a tough time dealing with their private life and public office, just wait until they are judged on their innermost thoughts and feelings, beliefs that have nothing to do with the office they hold.

There will be people who will try and find a way around Reverse Speech. Some of them may even learn to suppress certain reversals. I believe Reverse Speech could be the key to a more honest society. It will change the way people think, and will change the way parents bring up their children. This is a very refreshing idea. People have lost a lot of their moral values and Reverse Speech may give people a reason to find those values again. I don’t believe this is a gimmicky thing that will have a short term effect, but something that will change the lives of all future generations. The universe has a way of restoring order to chaos, and I believe Reverse Speech has that role to play in today’s society.