Exposure Magazine – Reverse Speech: The Total Exposure of Truth

By Michael John Oates

As we reach the beginning of the new millennium, one of the most remarkable discoveries which has been made is that of Reverse Speech. It is a most valuable tool when it comes to understanding the human mind.

It’s implications are so enormous that founder and developer of Reverse Speech, David John Oates, has been nominated the Nobel Prize for his research into this remarkable new technology.

So what is Reverse Speech? Imagine hearing unconscious thoughts about your friends, politicians or even yourself. How would you feel to know that your very soul could speak to you in it’s own voice?

In other words, a discovery of unconscious communication that occurs in the backward sounds of our speech, and has the ability to unkover the deeper truths about ourselves and who we truly are. Reverse Speech is exactly what it implies, speech that is heard backwards. It usually consists of short sentences that are normally 5 to 10 words in length, and if you have a tape player that plays backwards, you can easily try it for yourself. These backward statements called ‘reversals’ are very clear, but are hard to find because they are hidden in gibberish. Speech reversals will always relate to what is being spoken forwards at that time.

The Discovery of Reverse Speech

In 1983 David Oates (my father), was running a half way house for street kids. At that time a religious fundamentalist was preaching that if you play rock n’roll music backwards you would hear the devil speaking. Well Dad thought that was a load of rubbish, so straight away he grabbed his tape machine (which had a reverse play mechanism) and played the song ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin, to prove to the kids the preacher was wrong. When the last words of the song were played “And he’s buying a stairway to heaven”, it reversed to say “Play backwards hear words sung”. I’m sure they were all a little scared to hear that!

So since then, David has been continuously researching these eerie sounds. He has proven that it is not the devil speaking, but was unable to prove that these voices don’t exist. He has come to the conclusion that reversals are being created in the right brain hemisphere and are actually the sound of our unconscious mind. Both forwards and backward speech appear to work in unison to communicate total consciousness…forward communicating conscious thought and backward communicating unconscious thought.

One example is with Neil Armstrong’s famous words as he took the first steps on the moon “That’s one small step for Man”. When this is played backwards it says, “Man will space walk”. Because it is the voice of our unconscious, it never lies. Ten percent of all speech reversal found will express the conscious thoughts of a speaker as Neil Armstrong’s reversal did, but the other ninety percent accesses the ninety percent of our brain that we’ve never been able use. The implications of that are endless. The human mind is no longer private. We now have a tool to look inside the human mind of another.

Metaphors in Reverse Speech

These reversals do not speak in plain logic, they communicate who we are in metaphors (images of the mind). Reverse Speech can also be a wonderful tool for therapy. All someone has to do is speak about their therapeutic problems in to a tape machine and the speech reversals will explain just what is causing the problem and will even tell a Reverse Speech analyst how to fix it!

For example, if someone comes to me with a motivation problem: the metaphor for motivation is wolf and unconsciously this man’s motivation may be stuck in his own emotions. The metaphor for emotions is explained by Reverse Speech as a river the ‘river of emotions’. One simple speech reversal will explain this by saying “The wolf is in the river”. So Reverse Speech will describe emotional states in metaphors and images.

Our life is surrounded by pictures. We see them in the morning newspaper, we see them in the city streets, and we see them in the houses in which we live. Take a moment to glance around at the room where you are sitting right now. What do you see? Furniture, activity, people? My research with Reverse Speech tells me that what you are seeing is a reflection of who you are. Look at the clothes you are wearing and look at the clothes of those around you. Are they similar? The chances are that they are. This is because the world in which we live is a reflection of the pictures in our mind and is manifested by the words of our mouth and the deeds of our hand. On the deep structural level, the thoughts of the unconscious mind are orchestrated by a series of complex interwoven pictures. These pictures have bekome known as ‘metaphors’.

A metaphor is a word that describes in pictures the various functions of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the area of the psyche that is below consciousness. It is alive and active, constantly functioning and processing all aspects of behavior. Each function of the unconscious mind has a specific metaphor that combines with other metaphors to create the movies of life. They can be seen in our fascination for wolves, the primordial call of the wild. They can be felt in our awe of the power of the tornado whirling through the desert and they can be heard in the noises of the city as the sounds reflect the activity of the collective mind continually processing.

During my twelve years of research with reverse speech, I have extensively tracked and mapped many of these metaphors. I have connected some of them to specific areas of human behavior and expression, and have found them to be acted out in the everyday dramas of life. So let me begin at the basics and give you some examples.


The metaphors anima and animus are prime structural metaphors. Dr. Carl Jung described them as the raw basic male, female energies. Anima is female and animus is male. My research shows that they form the foundation stones on which all else is built. The way they combine within the individual mind creates the expression of the whole.

For example, up until a few months ago I was living by myself, endeavoring to raise my twin daughters as a single Dad. People who came into my house commented that the energy was very male. I found this comment strange but as I looked around I saw my figurines of Zeus and Socrates, the Lone Sailor and the Wolf, I realized these were all male figures and they reflected who I was…a researcher, scholar and explorer, living away from my home Australia, strongly protecting my children. Then a month ago, my sister came over from Australia to live with me. The house became brighter and neater and the furniture began to change. Female figurines appeared in the house. My disposition calmed and I began to drive my car slower with less aggression. Meanwhile my sister became stronger and more confident. My animus male metaphor had begun to merge with my sister’s female anima metaphor and this combination was reflected in my surroundings and the way I lived. The combination could also be seen in my children as they became softer, more feminine and tidier.

Even more recently my cousin also arrived from Australia. The tidiness level dropped, but the house seemed fuller and richer, less stagnant. I worked faster. Another character had arrived on the scene and the movie set of the mind changed. Even my language changed. My speech, which had begun to show the first traces of an American accent, began to resume its original Aussie flavor, mate!

Human behavior is exactly the same. Imagine the mind like a house. It has many rooms and characters. If the characters are asleep, the house is quiet. If one character is too loud, it will drown out the other characters and the house will not function properly. If the characters in the house decide to pool their resources, the house will expand and grow, affecting all those around. Therefore the key to understanding human behavior is to understand the pictures that govern our world. The key to changing our world is to first all recognize that the characters of own plot are a reflection of our own pictures.

An aggressive person will tend to associate with aggressive people. Like minds attract each other because the pictures are the same. If you are continually having dysfunctional relationships, then I suspect that your family and friends are also. Many people will scream and complain, why is this happening to me, and they will search everywhere for the reason except for where the real cause resides. It resides within.

Relationships are dysfunctional because the pictures are dysfunctional. If the disjunction is in the area of male-female relationships, then one could suspect that there is an imbalance or incongruity with the anima and animus within. As this incongruity is repaired, so will the metaphor change and behavior alter in the external world, including the new pictures and movie plot that the metaphor begins to create.


So how do we change the metaphors? First of all, you must recognize what they are. I have a tremendous advantage with reverse speech because it allows me direct access to the core structures of the mind. Here I can see the actual metaphors or pictures that create the symptoms of the behavior. Without reverse speech, you need to look at who you are.

Look at the language you use. Do you say “goddamn it” as a cuss word and wonder why everything always falls apart. Change the words to “god save it”. You’ll find it works a lot better. Some of us live in a dark world of despair. If you close your eyes, you’ll see the pictures. Change the pictures and turn on the light. You’ll find that a connection is made and the movie plot will become enhanced.

Here’s some basic pictures to start with. The wolf is a metaphor for the ability to move forward, to hunt and protect. I have a strong wolf reflected by my success as a single Dad and the founder of a technology. Now, obviously I needed more than a wolf to nurture my girls and business, like my feminine metaphor of Eve, the matured spiritual woman. I have a successful practice where I use hypnosis, visualizations and the lessons of reverse speech to change my clients pictures. I find that as the pictures change so does the behavior. My success rate is impressive.

Take for example, the Wolf. Close your eyes and picture a wolf. Is it small or big? It needs to be about waist high and well groomed. Change the picture in your mind and keep it stable. Try and feel what it would be like to become the wolf. You’ll find that as you gain success with this image, the behavior will slowly change because as you change the metaphor, you change the movie which changes the scenes you create around you.

Do you find you cannot relax and are constantly on the go? Close your eyes and picture a whirlwind spinning in a desert. Take a deep breath and slow the rotation of the wind down. Make sure its spinning smoothly with no kinks. You’ll find that as the pictures alter so will the structures of the unconscious alter and this change will be reflected throughout many different aspects of your life. The whirlwind is the energy system of the body. Its image affects all.

As we begin to understand the many pictures that create our world, and accept our own responsibility in creating them, we can begin to change the pictures and regain control. The human psyche is a product of the pictures of its history. Each event has etched its own mark on the psyche, becoming metaphors which access the many forces that drive us. In many respects we still live the curse of the garden, as the snake still tempts us all. The metaphor remains, it’s just that the characters and settings that have altered. Ancient Rome still lives in the markets and battlefields of the world. Hitler still marches on in the repression and torture of individuality.

It is time to change the pictures of the planet, to access the healing metaphors within. Then as we begin to change, so will the world around us. Stop blaming others for the inadequacies of your own life, because the more you blame and complain, the more you allow the metaphor to have power over you. Change the pictures and change your world.

My Dad is able to change the pictures of the mind (Metaphors) by using hypnosis. Lets go back to the ‘wolf is in the river’ reversal. Now we know the cause of the motivational problem, his motivation is drowning in his own emotions. To fix this problem we ask the unconscious. There is a special technique for doing this. You must know how to prompt the speaker for speech reversals that will give a solution to the problem. A possible outcome could be this: Find a speech reversal that says “Pull the wolf out of the river”. So then the analyst will put the person into a trance state and suggest that the client try to pull his wolf out of the river. Within a few weeks the client will notice changes as the unconscious mind begins to shift and alter.

My Dad has much success in therapy when he uses this technique, a success rate of about ninety percent. With my own personal experience of Reverse Speech, on a good transcript of reversals you can see a whole conversation backwards…battles, fights and even plans for the future. When researching Reverse Speech, expect anything!


The most interesting reversals I have found have been those referred to as ‘future tense reversals’. These reversals will predict future outcomes. One very interesting reversal that I experienced was referring to me and a female friend of mine, and was actually found through the speech of my mother. The reversal said “Beth Oates dead”. Now officially this wasn’t a future tense reversal. Any reversal with the word ‘will’ in it, shows that the reversal is in future tense. It isn’t a psychic prediction; it is the unconscious mind giving the most probable outcome. ‘Shall’ gives a softer meaning, telling of a possible outcome. “Beth” was a friend of mine, “Oates” was referring to me, and “dead” is emotional death; to have no purpose. So this reversal was telling me that our relationship was dead. At first I was in total denial because everything seemed to be fine, but now that I think back it was already dead, it just took a while before the images would manifest into reality.

Images create our world backwards before we live it forwards, in fact we actually learn to talk backwards before we do forwards. Within various levels of the mind, both forwards and backward speech work in unison to communicate total consciousness. Forward speech communicates conscious thought, while reverse speech communicates unconscious thought. Only ten percent of our brain is conscious to the average person, so where is the other ninety percent that is unconscious to us? Surprise, surprise!

Once you start listening to Reverse Speech you are listening to the ninety percent of the brain that we have never had access to before, and the implications of that are mind blowing! It now means that the unconscious mind can be scientifically researched and documented.

So Reverse Speech will describe the thoughts of another in three areas of the mind. In conscious thought (everything we are consciously aware of). The reversals that describe conscious thought are first level reversals. These reversals contain no metaphors and speak as we would forwards. Sekond level reversals come from our sub-conscious mind just below conscious thought. These reversals explain our behavior and why we act the way we do. It’s message is explained with operational metaphors. Third level reversals describe unconscious thought in structural metaphors. These reversals explain the cause for our behavior. BI-level functions are seen all the time. The eyes receive images backwards before forwards, the right brain controls the left side of our body, the left brain controls the right and it is the same with human speech. “Life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards” Soren Kierkegaard.

Reverse Speech and Law

Reverse Speech is about to burst forth onto the legal scene in a big way. I have been contacted by people in Dallas, Texas about a major case regarding a woman who is on death row for murdering her two children. This woman has always claimed her innocence and her cause has been taken up by an independent group of business men in Dallas who have been arranging significant publicity for her. One such occasion on the Gerald Show, where the woman’s entire family appeared on TV, an RS hobbyist from Dallas taped the show and did reversal analysis.

On this tape she not only found out who the real killer was but also the names of two accomplices who assisted in the crime. She took this information to this independent group of people who relayed it to the Dallas DA, who immediately did an investigation and all the information checked out! This included the existence of a secret girlfriend of the real killer, who the authorities had not previously known to have existed, and whose name matched that found in reverse.

Other reversals uncovered other clues, and the entire case has been reopened solely as a result of RS. The group of businessmen then did a presentation of RS and the reversals found on this case to a consortium of top Dallas lawyers and law enforcement authorities – half of whom had already heard of RS from when I previously lived in Dallas. The District Attorney was so impressed with the results, he has said that he will present the findings in court when this case comes back on the circuit again.

This is when I was called in. I received a phone call recently and have been given all the tapes and case history for full analysis. Once my results have been prepared, and the results of the hobbyist in Dallas checked for accuracy by myself, they will call a press conference and tell the world. This should all happen in the coming months. This is just what we have been waiting for! A high profile case cracked open by RS with the full backing and support of the official law enforcement community!

The David Oates Reverse Speech Alliance (at dorsa2@webtv.net) links people together who want to learn about Reverse Speech. We are always open to new ideas which will help Reverse Speech grow as a technology. The only Reverse Speech Alliance Group (The Dorsa Chapter) is in Australia and is run by Michael Oates of Melbourne. If you would like to experience Reverse Speech for yourself, contact Michael on (03) 9762 7335 or email:oatesy@corplink.kom.au. You can also visit the web site, where you can listen to hundreds of reversals: www.reversespeech.com.


How to create your own Reverse Speech reversals

To make a reversal without any high-tech hi-fi equipment, a few things are needed…a tape recorder, a blank cassette and a pen. You can also use a pre-recorded tape of anything you like. Music with lyrics is fine, but it will be more difficult to understand. Firstly, after you’ve made the recording wind the tape back to the very beginning of side A. Now insert the pen into the right spool and wind the tape clock-wise onto this empty spool until all of the tape is on the spool. This can take 5-10 minutes, or if you’re in a real hurry, place the pen into an electric drill and wind it at high speed. Be careful when you approach the end of the tape. The last few feet should be done by manually winding it.

Once the tape is now wound onto the spool in the opposite direction, lay the cassette down, unscrew the case and remove the top half of the case. Being careful so as not to disturb the inner workings of the tape, pick up the spools (still keeping the same sides of the spools facing up) and switch them over to the other side of the cassette. Replace the tape on the tracking section as it was found. Reseal the cassette by screwing it back together. You now have a tape ready to be played in reverse. It is exactly the same as a cassette you would normally use.

This is not the best way to hear reversals because you’re actually playing the tape against the grain. Neither is it very good for the heads of the cassette player, but this method is okay for temporary use. After inserting the cassette and pushing the play button, you’ll hear a lot of gibberish. Do not expect to hear perfectly clear sentences. You’ll pick up words and sometimes small groups of words. Rewind these and play a couple of times until the words make more sense. To get your audio cassette back to normal, just reverse the above proceedure. Do not try this with video tapes, you’ll find it a very costly experiment.


This article was printed in Exposure Magazine Volume 5 Number 3 (AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 98) and is protected under copyright laws. Exposure Magazine is published by Contact Network International.