Words of Truth

by David John Oates


My name is David John Oates and I am a forty year old Australian researcher. I claim to have made a discovery and developed a technology that, I believe, has the potential to change the whole face of society. My research began in Australia in April, 1984 and has since led me across the world to San Diego, California, where I now live and practice.

Over the years, I have lectured occasionally on my work and have appeared on some media programs, including CNN’s the “Larry King Show”. My research has been featured in prominent publications such as Discover Magazine and has caused public controversy on a few occasions. Despite this, as well as the appearance of a few copycat merchants since my first lectures in the United States, I have for the most part remained in the background and avoided publicity. It has always been my intention to wait until I was sufficiently happy with all aspects of my technology before I mass-launched it onto the world.

Now the time is here. I have proven the technology beyond any reasonable doubt and it has been used with stunning success in many practical applications. I have established my offices and infrastructure. I have developed an extensive training program and created a thriving successful business that has grown solely by word of mouth.


The discovery I have made is this: Hidden in the sounds of human speech there exists a separate covert form of communication that can only be heard if human speech is recorded and played backwards. The public originally heard of this phenomenon as hidden backward messages in rock and roll. I began my research in 1984 initially to disprove such messages existed. I was unable to do so and three years later, in 1987, after extensive full-time self-funded research, I had verified that not only did backward phrases exist in music but they also occurred in all forms of human speech.

If human speech is recorded in English and played backwards, once every five or ten seconds very clear and precise English phrases can be heard mixed in the normal gibberish of reversed audio. These phrases are usually one or two seconds long and normally consist of four of five words. They are quite plain with little room for doubt and are mostly grammatically correct. However, due to their unique sounds, it takes most people several months to learn how to locate and isolate them accurately from the gibberish. Once isolated, backward messages are very plain even to the most skeptical person and have been verified many times with blind testings. Additionally, reversed phrases can be proven electronically to exist and electroencephalograph testing has shown that the human brain receives and responds to them in a communicative fashion.

I have called these backward phrases “speech reversals” and have entitled the phenomenon they depict Reverse Speech. I first wrote and published my theory in Australia in 1987 in the book, Beyond Backward Masking – Reverse Speech and the Voice Of The Inner Mind.

My theory states that the process of spoken communication is two-fold. As the human brain creates the necessary sounds to form language; it creates them in such a way that two messages are communicated. One is forwards from the conscious mind and the other is in reverse from the unconscious mind.

These two modes of speech, forwards and backwards, are complementary to each other. In other words, the subject matter of the forward speech will also be the subject matter of the reverse speech. However, whereas forward speech is under conscious control and can be manipulated and altered, reverse speech is not under conscious control and always communicates the truth of any situation.


Reverse Speech is an extra sense of the human brain that has previously been undiscovered and undocumented. It is a learned function from birth and its existence explains many forms of human intuition and previously unexplained paranormal phenomena.

In its simplest form, Reverse Speech functions as an audible truth detector. If a lie is spoken forwards, Reverse Speech will correct that lie and communicate the truth. If someone leaves facts and details out of forward speech, reverse speech may communicate those facts. Speech reversals will speak about any topic on the person’s mind. This can include the names of friends and lovers, events of the week or month, plans for the future, or any other real thoughts and real feelings.

The implications of this discovery should be obvious. It essentially means that the human mind is no longer private. Reverse speech gives us a reliable and easily accessible means to look inside the mind and listen to the thoughts of others, including thoughts that are not conscious.

I have used Reverse Speech in conjunction with law enforcement successfully on a few occasions. In Australia, Reverse Speech has revealed the location of murder weapons, hidden bank accounts and the names of accomplices in crime. All of these events were well documented in the Australian media, including one embarrassing example where the Prime Minister at the time confessed backwards to a previous marijuana smoking habit.

In America, the most well known controversy created by my work occurred during Operation Desert Shield before the actual outbreak of the Gulf War. I located hidden code words backwards on President Bush and Defense Secretary Cheney. A confidential memo was sent to Defense Secretary Cheney through Scott Jones, an aide to Senator Claireborne Pell. The letter was leaked to the press and, almost overnight, Reverse Speech was a major news item with headlines such as, “Is the President hiding secret code words backwards in his speech?” Incredibly though, one of words I had found was “Simoon”. This was Arabic for “Desert Storm” and I found it before the war actually broke.


By far the most significant aspect of my research findings lies in the area of metaphors and the functions of the unconscious mind.

Only ten percent of all speech reversals are from the conscious area of the mind. By conscious area, I mean those thoughts that the speaker is actually aware of thinking at the time of speaking or, sometimes, thoughts just below conscious awareness that are about to become conscious. These speech reversals speak in normal everyday English using phrases such as “I love my wife, Betty, ” or “The gun is in the cellar. “

Sometimes conscious speech reversals will be used in the form of a command, “Make me a cup of coffee,” or a personal plan of action, “I will start the car.” In these instances, Reverse Speech has given tremendous insight into the dynamics of human behavior, revealing subtle motivations and hidden agendas behind seemingly innocent statements.

Yet the real power of Reverse Speech comes in the form of metaphor. Approximately ninety percent of all language in reverse speaks in pictures and images using phrases such as, “The wolf has fallen in the lake,” or “Adam is lost in the weeds of the Garden.” At times, the language can get extremely metaphoric and mythological with references to Camelot, Babylon, ancient gods, monsters and dragons.

At first, these strange images baffled me but, as time went on, I began to notice common trends in the metaphors, one being that metaphors appeared as two main types. First, there were nouns or names with words such as Odin, Lancelot, Horse, Sword, House and Eagle. Then there were verbs with words such as Heal, Attack, Rape, Curse and Send.

With further study, I noticed another significant factor. When comparing the reversed metaphors to the forward dialogue in which they occurred, it became obvious that certain metaphors usually appeared under the same circumstances. For example, the metaphor Wolf usually appeared in contexts of survival and protection and the metaphor Goddess appeared in contexts of hope for the future.

I found that the meanings of these metaphors were constant from person to person. In other words, they would mean the same thing and appear under similar conversational settings no matter who was speaking. Reverse Speech has given me a tremendous advantage in determining the meanings of metaphors because there is a reference point to go back to. The reference point is the forward speech and the principle of complementarity. By comparing the reverse dialogue with the forward dialogue, I have been able to determine the significance of hundreds of unconscious metaphors that appear backwards in speech and I have compiled a comprehensive Reverse Speech dictionary.


Furthermore, my research has led me to believe that Reverse Speech metaphors represent the actual thought processes and structures of deep consciousness. They describe the actions of behavior in pictures and images as, and sometimes before, such behavior plays itself out in the physical world.

In my practice as a hypnotherapist, I use Reverse Speech daily with my clients. I find that one half-hour tape recording will usually give me the precise reason and cause of any person’s behavior. This information alone would generally take months, if not years, to uncover using conventional therapy.

Once knowing the cause of someone’s behavior I can then begin to alter that behavior by rewriting the metaphoric structures of the unconscious. This is where the Reverse Speech technology really shines!

I have found that if the metaphor is altered, then the behavior also is altered. I alter the metaphors through a process I have developed entitled “Metaphor Restructuring.” My first experiments with this process were described in my second book, “Reverse Speech – Hidden Messages In Human Communication.” which was released in 1991.

Essentially the process works like this: The Reverse Speech metaphors are located with an initial tape recording and the results are discussed with my client. Then in another tape recorded session, I ask my client how this behavior can be altered. The speech reversals obtained from that recording tell me what to do using the imagery of metaphor. For example, the man whose wolf had fallen into lake might have reversals that say, “Pull the wolf out of the lake with a rope.”

So that is exactly what I do. I place my client under trance and ask him to create a picture of the metaphor. I then change the picture, hence the metaphor, using the instructions given to me by my client’s speech reversals.

The entire process takes about ten sessions and the results of often just short of miraculous. It creates an extremely powerful and permanent behavioral shift that can sometimes take several months to fully manifest following the conclusion of actual session work. The trances give the initial change instructions which the unconscious mind then begins to process. This shift is extremely obvious, noticed by all, and the success rate of the process is phenomenal.

My client files are filled of stories of people experiencing major life turn-arounds after only a few weeks of session work.

Metaphor restructuring accesses the human mind at its deepest levels and changes the actual root causes of behavior. It is not a temporary fix but a major rewrite of the actual core metaphoric structures of consciousness. And one of the great things about it is that it is not someone else’s opinion of what is wrong nor someone else’s opinion of how to fix it. It is my client’s own speech reversals that diagnose and give solutions. This is part of the power and magic of the process.


Reverse Speech is a major discovery. It is the voice of truth. It is the real self speaking at all levels of consciousness. Its existence will change the way we live because it may now mean that we have no choice but to be honest. Its coming heralds the day of truth that has been anticipated for centuries where every secret, every hidden thought, will be exposed for all to see.

A classic example of this comes from the well known case of O.J. Simpson. I have discovered speech reversals on Simpson that detail exactly how he executed the crime. You can hear these reversals by calling our voice mail or accessing our web site on the Internet. The most poignant one, though, is this:

On his BET television interview, O.J. said forwards, “The worse thing you can have, that you can ever have, is have your argument taped. I would say anyone out there that’s married and in a relationship, just turn a tape recorder on the next time you have an argument and play it back, You will not believe that was you.”

When O.J. said forwards, “Just turn a tape recorder on the next time,” a very clear speech reversal occurred that said, “I skinned them all.” The victims were indeed practically skinned and the irony of his forward comments cannot be denied.

Just turn a tape recorder on next time, because the truth that we all speak can now be heard for all to hear.

Welcome to the world of Reverse Speech.